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God Calls me Baby

I sink

It's dark

My body falls

To a firm surface

Catches me

It's alive

It breathes

I feel...heartbeats

A powerful rise

A slow fall

I curl up

It squeezes me

I smell Forest





It is Fresh

And New

I'm held there

It sounds like Ocean

It says Compassionately

With a deep sigh

"Oh Baby"

And I release

"I know"

Pinches in my eyes

My heart tightens

"I know" It says

I release again

"I know your Heart, Baby"

A warm Breeze

Picks up my hair

Soothes my cheeks

My eyes open

Warm and wet

I see a Stream

A gentle nudge

"Go, Baby"


On a smooth Rock

The Water twinkles

I put my toe in


A tiny Fish swims by

"I love you, Baby"

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